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Alternatives to a plain old paint job

Most of us know the basic rules to painting the interior of a house – white ceilings make the rooms feel bigger and neutral walls are easier to decorate. However, sometimes this just isn't interesting any more.
There is absolutely no reason why the interior of your house should be one or two neutral colours. There is an array of different paint colours out there, with interesting finishes that will make your rooms come to life.
If you're looking to try something different next time you paint, here are some options to try:

Create patterns on your wall

The simplest way to create visual interest on your walls is to paint some stripes or try some colour blocking. All you have to do is choose your base colour – this should be something neutral – and then select some complementary colours for the design.
It's important to plan out your design – work out which sections should be painted first. It's recommended that you start with the lighter colours because it's easier to paint over them if you make a mistake.
The next step is to mark out the design on the wall. You can do this quite simply with masking tape. It's really the ideal tape for the job as it'll give you perfect straight lines but won't stick too tightly to the wall or ruin the paint that's already there. Just remember to let each section dry properly before you start on the next one.

Highlight architectural elements

If you don't have open spaces on your walls for a colour-blocked design, but still want to highlight elements of a room in a different colour, there is a solution for you. Try picking out certain architectural structures in your room. For example, door frames are the ideal place for a bold colour. Alternatively, try the inside of your window frames. If you have a pillar or exposed beams in a room, they are also good elements for a highlight colour.

Have a feature wall in the room

Another way to make a statement with paint is to paint one wall in the room a different colour to the rest. Doing this will make the entire wall a focal point for the room and give the space some depth and interest.
Experts recommend that you choose a wall that is already a focal point in the room. For example, in your lounge, you should pick the wall that the television sits on or next to. The eye is already drawn to this area, so trying to change focus to another wall with colour will only distract and confuse. Another tip, if the furniture in a room doesn't create a focal point, is to choose the wall opposite the door as this is where people will look first naturally.

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