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Give your clothing cupboard an overhaul

Everyone knows that clothes can go missing for months under piles of jerseys or other unworn items. Socks can even seem to multiply when left to their own devices in the back of a cupboard. There are days when you open the doors to your cupboard and it feels as if you're drowning in clothes, but you have no idea where that one item you really want to wear is.
If this is the case, it's time to give your cupboard a complete overhaul!
Pull everything out
This may seem drastic, but it's impossible to see what you have if you do it piece by piece or shelf by shelf. If you want to give your cupboard a real clean, you need to get everything out.
Sort through your clothes
The quickest way is to get everything into piles – T-shirts, pants, dresses should all get their own pile. From there, sort your clothes into smart and casual items, as well as winter and summer options.
The next step is possibly the hardest one. Get rid of anything that is out of fashion or hasn't been worn in the last two years. It's highly unlikely that you'll ever wear it again, unless it's one of those expensive, very smart items like a tuxedo or designer dress. These you should keep, if they still fit.
Assess the space required
Once you've got the clothes you're keeping, it's important to divide them into how each piece gets stored. You need to assess what clothing hangs and what gets folded and put on shelves. Additionally, see which hanging items require the full length of the cupboard or only half the height.
Once you've established what space you need, you can start to plan how you'll put it away in the cupboards that you have. This planning stage will allow you to maximise the way you use the space available.
Tips for extra storage space
Use plastic storage containers to create more "shelf space" in a cupboard. They are ideal for storing items that you don't use regularly. Clear boxes are also great for stacking shoes if you don't have a lot of space on the floor of your cupboards. Another excellent way to save shelf space is to get a slim rail on the inside of a cupboard door for ties, scarves and belts.

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