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It's spring cleaning time

Spring is finally here and hopefully, so is the warmer weather. While this is a big relief for many of us – being able to shed the coats and boots, and get out into the sunshine – it's also the perfect time to do a little cleaning.
Most people think of spring cleaning as going through their wardrobes and getting rid of the clothes they didn't use over the cold, dark winter months to make room for shorts and T-shirts. Many also take the time to wash their windows and clean their lounge suite. But this year, why not do something a little different? Why not get to those big items that you don't regularly clean?

1. Air your mattresses

We all spend a lot of time in bed – up to a third of our lives – so it makes sense to look after your mattress. After the gloomy days of winter, it's a good idea to get your mattress out into the fresh air. This will help to get rid of lingering odours and any moisture that may have seeped into the fabric.
As an added bonus, sunlight is a natural disinfectant. Getting some sunshine onto your mattress will go a long way to killing any mites or bugs that have crawled in there.

2. Take your non-fitted rugs outside to clean

Much like a mattress, your rugs can benefit from a bit of sunshine and fresh air. In the winter, it can be difficult to get your floors 100% clean, especially if you live in a winter rainfall area. Even if you aren't tracking mud into your house after a storm, it's likely that your carpets and loose rugs are getting more dirt in them during the winter.
Now that the weather is changing, it's the perfect time to air out your rugs. Our experts recommend that you roll up your rug rather than fold them to transport them outside. Another tip is to lay out the rugs over your garden furniture in order to let both sides air. With smaller rugs, you can even hang them up on your washing line and beat them to get out any lingering dust.

3. Get rid of mould and mildew build up in your bathroom

During the colder months, it's quite common to not open a window while showering or bathing. This means that your bathroom is at risk for mould and mildew build up. Now that the weather is getting a little warmer, our experts strongly recommend that you get as much air moving through the room as possible, especially when it's full of steam from a bath or shower.
For stubborn mould or mildew there are several methods to get rid of it. A steam cleaner is highly effective, and it doesn't require anything potentially toxic. If a more drastic approach is required, bleach is the most effective method. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used, but it can give off strong fumes, so be sure to keep the room ventilated while working.

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