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Give the outside of your house some TLC

  1. It's no secret that during the cold winter months, most people don't tend to get outside much. People also don't tend to take the time to check the status of the exterior of their house. This is perfectly understandable when the weather is so cold and miserable.
    However, now that the sun is making an appearance and the thermometer is showing higher numbers, it's time to get out and do that maintenance on the exterior of your house.

    Inspect your gutters

    When the weather is cold, all sorts of damage can happen to your gutters, especially if the temperature hits around freezing. Cracks and holes can appear in the plastic, and the clamps that hold the actual structure up can get weakened.
    If you're in a summer rainfall area, then it's important to ensure that your gutters are strong and ready for the rain. On the other hand, if you've been experiencing heavy rain and storms in the winter, it's a good idea to see if they've been damaged. Doing this now means that you'll be ready for next winter.

    Check your shutters and windows

    Now that the sun is coming out more often than not, it's time to inspect your shutters and see if any damage has been done by the winter cold. The first check should be on the hinges. If they've rusted due to frost or rain, it's essential to clean that off straight away otherwise you may have to replace the entire hinge. The rust can also run onto the walls, staining the exterior of your house.
    Then to the actual shutters. The winter cold can warp the material, even if you have plastic shutters, so be sure to check how the pieces fit together. With wooden shutters, you should look for rot or splinters that may be coming off.

    Clean your chimney

    Having a nice roaring fire going in your house during winter is one of the most wonderful ways to keep warm. However, it can lead to a build up of soot or ash in your chimney. It's vital that you have the entire structure carefully cleaned and checked over by an expert.
    We also suggest that you do this now, in spring, rather than wait until autumn next year. If you take care of your chimney now, you'll be able to light a fire as soon as the weather gets a little colder next year without worrying.

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