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Refresh your bathroom in 3 simple steps

Is your bathroom feeling old and in need of a makeover? You may be considering remodelling the room, but have put it off because that is not only a pricey endeavour, it's also a big process to embark on.
Instead of giving your bathroom a complete overhaul, why not try our three simple steps to refresh the room without spending a fortune on remodelling? A few small changes can be all you need to bring your bathroom back to life.
1. Clean limescale off your taps
Ordinary cleaning products will get rid of the bacteria and other potentially harmful items in your bathroom, but they don't always leave your taps looking sparkly and new. This limescale can build up quickly and become quite unsightly.
A simple way to get rid of the build-up is to use a combination of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Mix these household items two tablespoons to one (bicarb to vinegar). Use a cloth to wipe the solution onto the taps and leave it for a moment. Then take an old toothbrush and scrub the limescale, it should lift off with ease.
2. Reseal your tiles and get rid of unsightly mould
This step is quite a time consuming task, but once finished, your bathroom will look as good as new. The black mould that can build up between tiles isn't harmful, but can look terrible – making your whole bathroom look unclean.
Take a utility knife and scrape out the sealant between the tiles – you have to get all of it out, otherwise the mould will come back quickly. Then use a silicone applicator to reseal the tiles. You need to have a steady hand to get the lines nice and straight. Once the beads of silicone are in place, use your finger to smooth it down.
The finished result will be bright, new-looking tiles.
3. Unblock your drains
That blocked drain smell can linger in your bathroom and make the whole room feel a little old and stale. However, there is no need to live with this as unblocking your sink, bath and shower drains is a very simple process. You can even buy bottles of unblocking fluid from any supermarket.
If you'd prefer to go with a more natural approach, you can use bicarbonate of soda. Just pour a few spoonfuls down the drain, followed by some vinegar. Leave the drain for a moment and then flush with warm water from the tap.
Remember, if there are people in your house with long hair, it's a good idea to go through the unblocking process on a regular basis in your shower and bath. This will prevent a build-up and keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

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