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Want to modernise your home's interior?

Modernising your home doesn't have to involve buying new furniture and completely redecorating. All you need to do is focus on a few key elements, and you'll bring your home into the 21st century without breaking the bank.
The most important thing to remember is that a modern theme means clean lines and neutral colours.
Update your curtains or blinds
A quick way to modernise a room is to change curtains to more structured blinds. These will automatically update the room and give the walls cleaner lines.
If you prefer curtains, then make sure you get ones that are made of a heavier fabric – floaty, lightweight curtains aren't modern. Additionally, patterns should be kept to a minimum and geometric shapes are better than florals.
Paint your wooden furniture white
If you have cottage-style furniture or antique looking items in your home, you can bring them up to date by simply painting over the wood with a neutral colour such as white. Other good colours to use for your furniture include ivory and pale blues or yellows.
For chairs, try painting the structure one of these colours and then cover the cushions with dark leather to enhance the look. You can also paint chests of drawers or tables in the same or complimentary colours to complete the theme in a room.
Removing the wood finish from a room will automatically make it feel modern. This will also make the space feel light and airy.
Create clean lines with your d├ęcor
A modern theme in a room is always enhanced by clean lines and uncluttered services. It's important to keep things such as books, knick-knacks and decorative items to a minimum.
Additionally, when arranging your furniture, ensure that the lines you create are straight and clean. Try to avoid haphazard arrangements, and make sure that you keep the walkways clear.

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